Not ready for summer to be over

I am not ready for the summer to be over, but for some reason it feels like it’s being rushed away. I don’t want the hot temperatures, the beaches, the fresh vegetables, and for the summer fun to end.




. I love fall and what it brings; apples, sweaters, beautiful leafs, crisp nights, Pumpkin head, fairs, and pies, but not when it’s technically 6 weeks away. I hope summer lingers on for a little longer. xoxo summer


Camera? Help!

Camera? Help!

So I am in the market for a new camera and I need some advice. I have been researching for the last month and have at least zeroed in on the brand, Canon. Everyone who I talk to and know loves their digital Canon! I have in the past worked with a Canon and did truly enjoy the smoothness and ease of use. A friend of mine who does wedding photography uses the Canon 50D and loves it (the one in the picture above). I do love the features of this camera and the price isn’t too outrageous (yes I do have a budget, under $1,500). A few others that I have been looking at are the EOS series (7D, 60D) and the Rebel series (T2i, T3i, and XSi).
So, long story short, help! I need some more personal opinions about easiness of use and the functionality. Please I would love to hear your suggestions!


Island adventure


This past Sunday was a beautiful day and I had no one to spend it with. My boyfriend was working and my friends all had prior plans, so I decided to get a little adventurous. I packed a backpack with two towels, two bottles of water, some treats and a plastic bowl. My pup Maximus got excited when I put on his harness because he knows fun always occurs next. We took the ferry out to one of the nearby islands off shore of Portland, called Peaks. We walked the whole island which is 4 miles long, which I was impressed my little cairn terrier didn’t complain once. We would stop and play in the water, take breaks for drinks, and treat breaks. It really was a wonderful day, even with a freak thunderstorm, but that past and left us with a rainbow for the boat ride home.


Pup just enjoying the view.


View from the ferry on the way home. Beautiful!


I’m still new at blogging and slowly learning what styles I like from other blogs. My direction is still free flowing and just posting randomly, when something jumps out at me. Hopefully I will focuse it more in one style/direction.  For right now I wanted to share two of my favorite blogs; Bleubird Vintage, and A Beautiful Mess. Both of these blogs keep me coming back. They are an inspiration to me  threw their photography, recipes, fashion, art, and thoughtful comments. Take a look at their amazing sites and maybe it will enlighten your creative side too. Enjoy!


Beautiful Mess                                                                            

            Bleubird                                                  A Beautiful Mess


For the Starbucks enthusiast

For the Starbucks enthusiast

I was browsing my local grocery store the other day and while picking out some almond milk, I discovered Starbucks newest endeavor. Their new line of “Discoveries” espresso beverages are my new favorite addiction. They are not only saving me time and money, but completely satisfying my coffee craving. They have three favors; caramel macchiato, mocha, and vanilla latte. I have yet to purchase the vanilla latte, but the other two are heavenly delicious. They are 50.7 fl oz and only cost $4 and some change (at my local retailer). If I go into a Starbucks and order an iced, grande caramel macchiato it’s going to cost about the same, but now I can get more iced deliciousness for my money (six, 8 fl oz servings in one “Discoveries”). I highly recommend picking one up the next time your running into your grocery store, you will be pleasantly satisfied.