Sundays Six

Every Sunday

First: Since I bring my lunch to work, and the temperatures have dropped I’ve been looking for a quick and delicious meals to bring for lunch. I have fallen in love with Amy’s organic soups and Wolfgang Punk’s organic soups. They are affordable and delicious.

Second: I recently watched “Farmageedon” which was incredibly enlightening and interesting. I learned a lot about the USDA and their sneaky tactics. They interview my favorite farmer who was in “Food Inc” also, Joel Salatin. He truly is an incredible farmer with ethic practices and is very thoughtful with everything he does on his farm.

Third: I love anything that sparkles! Since the holiday season is just around the corner all the stores are filling up with glitz and glimmer. It’s so exciting!



Glamor Romper

Glamor Romper











Forth: I love holiday music. The old classics are definitely my favorites; Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole, Connie Francis and Louis Armstrong.

Fifth: I know I know, this post is very holiday, but I’m super excited about all the warm tastes, cozy scent and holiday decorations. I’m so excited that the gingerbread lattes and eggnog lattes are back. They really bring the holiday flavor back into action. When I’m having a hard or long day sipping on a warm eggnog latte always seems to ring me a little joy.

Sixth: Honestly I’m super excited for all the holiday festivities. All the Christmas parties, ugly sweater soirees, cookie making, gift wrapping and all the delicious food that goes with it. I can’t wait. 


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