Sundays Six

Every Sunday

First: I have been craving chilli. It’s that time of the year for warm and cozy meals, and for me chilli is one of them. There is a local soup vendor in Portland, Me that makes the best veggie chilli. Karmasouptra makes everything fresh including their delicious rolls.

Second: I have been watching the Netflix original show, “House of Cards” with Kevin Spacey. It is amazing! It’s a very fresh, intense view into politics, with twists and turns you wouldn’t expect.



Third: I have been dieing for a new handbag. I am not a fan of paying full price for anything, and I have champagne taste on a beer budget. I am a huge fan of Coach and of Ebay. My last two handbag purchases have been through the wonderful hunting I did on Ebay. I purchased two brand new authentic Coach handbags for under $100 each! It can be tricky purchasing on Ebay, because you don’t want to get scammed into purchasing a fake item that is claimed to be real. I always go by the reviews on the seller and how many years they have been selling on Ebay. If it’s more then 3 years with 100% good feed back I feel pretty safe in bidding and purchasing an item from them. If there is one bad review that mentions a fake item or a customer not receiving their purchased item, I steer clear of that seller. I love the new Poppy collection by Coach, and I am currently watching a few of these beautiful handbags on Ebay. I hope they become mine!

East/West Satchel

East/West Satchel

Blaire Tote

Blaire Tote










Forth: I haven’t really been jamming out to any kind of music inparticular. I did however have a little jam out session with friends the other night to 80’s pop music. It was really fun to revisit old favorites. We then moved into 90’s pop and boy oh boy were there some sing-a-longs.

Fifth: I have been on a champagne kick recently. Going out to dinner or just having a night in with friends, my drink of choice has been champagne. Perhaps this choice may have to do with the fact champagne is a very holiday drink, and since the holidays are right around the corner I have been craving the sweet celebration. One of my favorites is Sofia Blanc De Blancs, by Francis Coppola. It is technically a sparkling wine, but it has all the effects of champagne. It’s sweet, tarte, crisp, and it comes wrapped in pink selophaine! How could you not want to purchase it in celebration.

Sixth: Any suggestions on fun activities, foods to try, or drinks to taste? I am always looking to discover new exciting things.



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